Highland Park | Dalton Family Photos

24 years ago I boarded the big yellow school bus headed to Lima Christian. On that bus was a group of crazy red heads that would forever change and shape my life. The Dalton Boys! From day one it seemed as though we became instant friends. Days were filled with playing “war,” swimming, hiking, and the famous “Dalton/Morgan” bonfires. Time passed as it always does and we grew up. Life took us all in different directions, yet fate kept us friends. Watching the beauty that life has brought us is indescribable. All the ups and down’s of life. The joys, the sorrows and pure blessings that have been brought to us in tiny little faces. There is nothing to compare. Here is to the next generation of Dalton/Morgan-Hinz adventures!

Love you guys with all my heart!



Pittsford Canal | Dylan and Jamie | Engagement Session


It was February of 2013. Dylan and Jamie headed to The Scotland Yard Pub for a few drinks and to play darts. Their first date was extremely laid back and fun. Jamie still claims to this day she won the … Continue reading

Monroes Restaurant | Rochester, NY Wedding | Cory + Joann Tinsley


Joann and Cory said their vows on June 20, 2015 at Monroe’s Restaurant in Pittsford NY. The sun was shining that morning, there was a cool breeze in the air. The day started off at Joann’s parents’ house. The finishing … Continue reading

Niagra Falls Proposal | Sam + Tom’s Highland Park Engagement Session

It was September 2010. Sam was a California native and Tom had roots in upstate New York. The two left their homes and headed off to Orlando, Florida with plans to participate in the Disney College Program.


Tom went to meet some friends out after work and met a stunning Samantha instead. Sam, at the time, could care less about Tom. She was single and did not have the idea of a relationship or guys on the brain. However after three months of Toms persistent attempts, Sam agreed to go on a date. Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0028 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0030 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0032

Young and broke, Tom was not about to mess this date up. He decided to splurge on her and the couple headed to a local steakhouse. They still joke to this day, their male server had a huge crush on Tom and made it pretty obvious he was interested if Samantha wasn’t. Starving, Tom was relieved to see their meals arrive, only to find his portion size was enough for the first course. He laughed it off and continued with the evening. Filled with spontaneity, he did not disappoint. On the drive home the two noticed a run down amusement park and could not resist. They pulled over and spent time riding the sling-shot.

Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0033 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0034

Time went on and Samantha followed Tom back home to Rochester New York. During a visit from Sam’s family this past May The two decided to travel to Niagra Falls. They wanted to give her family the royal tour. Sam was so caught up in the happenings she didn’t even realized Tom had fallen to one knee in front of her. When she finally noticed what was going on she was so filled with excitement that can’t even remember what Tom said or how he said it. Tom, on the other hand, spent the previous night rehearsing lines over and over in his head. When the time came, he was on the same page as Sam, he forgot everything he practiced and can’t remember himself what he said. They both were overjoyed and ecstatic.Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0035 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0036 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0037

Sam and Tom I can not wait to capture your happy memories for you. I am beyond honored to share in your special story.



Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0039 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0040 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0042

Durand Eastman Beach | Carlie + Calum Engagement Session

Calum and Carlie met while working  and attending Harvest Bible Chapel, just outside of Chicago. Carlie, originally from Rochester, serves as a worship coordinator at Harvest. Calum, also a worship coordinator, is originally from Scotland.

Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0011 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0012 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0013

The perfect pair dated for a while, but thought it best to part ways and eventually broke up. However after some time Carlie and Calum decided they couldn’t be without each other and started dating again in January of this year. With only a few months of being back together Calum thought it was time. Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0014 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0016 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0015

In the spring of this year Calum had a plan to propose to Carlie while riding on the Ferris wheel. The plan got thrown to pieces when the weather decided not to cooperate. Instead, Calum thinking quick on his feet, took Carlie to the top floor of the Hancock building in Chicago, the very place they had their first date. Surrounded by thick white clouds, Calum proposed and Carlie could not help but say yes.

Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0017 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0020 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0019 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0018

Carlie and Calum, I wish you all the best as you continue to plan your lives together. May the Lord bless your wedding day and marriage abundantly.

Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0021 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0022


Webster Park Engagement Session | Kara + Brad

Brad was a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Kara, lived in, their hometown of Rochester, New York. It wasn’t until September 3, 2011 that their paths crossed. Kara was to attend her dear friend’s wedding (aka Brad’s sister) after hearing many stories she finally had the opportunity to meet Brad. They hit it off and a month later began their long distance relationship. It was a year and a half before Brad would become discharged and return back to his home in Rochester, NY. Just in time for Kara to leave for Eastern University, located in Philly. Through long road trips, weekend visits and late night phone calls the couple endured.

Finally, Kara graduated and returned to Rochester, NY. For the first time in over three years the happy couple could enjoy their relationship from the same state.

After the long anticipated wait, on December 21, 2014, Brad proposed. He played it off as an evening to celebrate Kara’s graduation, but had a few tricks up his sleeve. Brad took Kara for a night of ice skating in Rochester. After pretending to adjust his skate, Brad fell to one knee, told Kara he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Without hesitation, he asked her to be his. Filled with joy and tears, she said yes!

Brad and Kara, I cannot wait to see how God unfolds the rest of your story. May you live out each day filled with grace, forgiveness, the ability to pick your battles and the mindset of always serving the other above yourself. xoxo

Canandaigua Inn on The Lake | Wedding Photography | Allora Salon and Spa Bridal Fashion Design

The creative team for Allora salon and spa did not leave the audience wanting. They were selected as the artistic team for the hair and make up for this year Rochester Wedding Magazine’s Runway bridal fashion show that took place on June 7 at The Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua New York.

The artistic talents of Emily Chen, Stephanie Jones, Chris, Erin Welch, and Megan Shapiro we’re showcased on the study models. The wedding gowns were provided by the amazing Stella’s Bridal Boutique. The fantastic runway music was provided by Whirlin’ Disc DJ.

After the runway show the models and I took to the grounds of the beautiful Inn on the Lake to curate the spring/summer 2015 Allora salon and spa bridal fashion shoot.

We hope you enjoy!

Rochester NY Engagement Session | Attack of the Zombie | Jill + Ryan

Jill and Ryan are super fun and energetic. This crazy engagement session says it all about their personalities. I’ve had a blast getting to know these two and becoming friends with them. 5 days til the big day. Can’t wait!!!! XOXO #meetthetafts